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Alexis Story, wholistic health and wellness coaching
We want it ALL. The job, the relationship, the body, the zen like mindset... yet why do we have such a tough time choosing ourselves_

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Hi there! I'm Alexis

What am I about?  So. Very. Much.  A life full of passion and purpose.  Truth seeking.  Finding joy through health.  Breaking out of physical and mental cages that the mind has built to once protect us, but now, no longer serve us.  Authentically living and discovering who one truly is, outside of societal expectations.


But wait. This journey is about you!  And what I’m about is supporting you on your own journey towards a freedom and power that you knew you were always destined to have.




Alexis's Coaching was amazing! From the start of the day with her well thought out and insightful daily intentions, to the workouts or cardio, to the meditation and yoga- Alexis covered all the bases. Oh and the one on one private coaching! Are you kidding?!? What an incredible value! Alexis is an encouraging coach that helped me stick to the plan so I can transform my lifestyle and ultimately reach my goals of health and fitness! - Emily B., Real Estate Agent

As a woman over forty losing weight and finding the time to put yourself first seems to always be on the do list. Alexis Coaching taught me how to begin my health journey. I became active and mindful about my water intake and meals. I have done weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutri system amongst other weight loss programs and for the first time I have achieved the habits through Alexis coaching to maintain and continue a healthy lifestyle. Alexis supported me throughout the process with one on one coaching to help me when I needed additional help with the workouts, meal planning and water intake. This program Alexis coaching is a mind and body approach to achieving your best self. I currently walk daily 2-3 miles ,drink at least 48oz of water daily and have salads daily.
Thanks Alexis!  -Wendy R., Dental Hygenist

I tried so many things that I don't think I would have stayed with if it wasn't for Alexis. I am so appreciative of her genuine feedback and vast knowledge when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle! Her unique fitness plan that combines both the mind and body, allowed me to work on myself from inside out. I have definitely seen results in my weight but more so in how I think and make choices when it comes to my health. That is powerful! I love everything Alexis stands for and her ability to mold into your life to make it better. Thank you for everything Alexis! -Navila A., Business Consultant

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I bring a wholistic approach to my work with clients, supporting health and wellness in mind, body, and spirit.  As a certified coach and yoga teacher, I provide clients with mindfulness and centering practices, as well as tools to foster improved health and fitness, navigate life transitions, and support job satisfaction and growth.  My own personal journey gives me particular sensitivity in supporting clients who are seeking additional support in areas such as recovery, relationship struggles, and/or finding purpose and passion.  It is a gift to be able to share these tools and perspectives with others.  I look forward to meeting you!



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Generate more energy in your body!
Request a FREE copy of Alexis' ebook!
Generate more energy in your body!
Request a FREE copy of Alexis' ebook!