About Me

Weclome to my story

What am I about?  So. Very. Much.  A life full of passion and purpose.  Truth seeking.  Finding joy through health.  Breaking out of physical and mental cages that the mind has built to once protect us, but now, no longer serve us.  Authentically living and discovering who one truly is, outside of societal expectations.

But wait. This journey is about you!  And what I’m about is supporting you on your own journey towards a freedom and power that you knew you were always destined to have.

If you are like me, deep down inside you know that there is more to life.  That we are truly meant to enjoy life and the struggles we have are a cage of our own making because we can’t seem to discover the light on our own.  No more trudging, no more struggling and frustration in the dark.  Take my hand and let me guide you on the next steps forward in your life.   Let’s love our body, expand our mind and create the life we have always wanted.

Let me tell you my story.

Full of Fear.  Highly Anxious.  Overly sensitive.

Yes, that has been me throughout my life.  I was constantly riding an emotional roller-coaster.  I was often complaining of an upset stomach, worried about my looks, aging, relationships, you name it, put it on my daily list of fears.

I lost my way when I was young and immature.  The vestiges of mistakes seemed to trail behind me and I walked with a cloud of mistrust of everything!

But there were sparks of change.  Times where I fought through dependences of many types- eating disorder, drug and alcohol abuse, imbalanced relationships, unfulfilling careers.  My soul would fire up when I truly met my lowest point and fight to put me back on track.  During these periods, my innate wisdom would surface and my growth would skyrocket. Qualities I always knew I had would shine through. Like my intuition and ability to perceive exactly what the message was behind the words. My ability to listen and nonjudgmentally offer counsel or support to the real issue at hand led people to say over and over again, you should be a therapist!

People would say, “I can’t seem to trust therapists or their expertise, but the way you explained the situation from both perspectives, I can actually change how I think about this.  I feel so much better and don’t want to fight changing my behavior.”

And then there were the friends upon friends who would come to me for health and nutrition advice.  My pursuit of health and fitness to extremes paid off in developing discipline, but forced me to let go of disordered eating habits.  I no longer wanted to sacrifice physical energy and mental peace for a superficial idea of myself.  Amazingly, as I transitioned from heavy cardio (burning those calories) to resistance training and yoga for strength and flexibility I also forged a new healthier relationship with food and ultimately myself.  With this new found freedom, I learned so much about nutrition, digestion and supplements to support a fueled, inflammation-free, muscle building body.

So how did I end up here?  My entire past became the building blocks to be a coach. 

My degree in psychology provided me with a baseline knowledge of psychological theories to assess the mind.  My work at a psychiatric hospital provided experience with children and trauma.  My own life focus on health, fitness, disordered eating and ultimate knowledge of nutrition provided the impetus to become a health coach.  Anxiety, fear and psychological issues forced me to pursue meditation, yoga and therapy.  These so-called problems were just the cornerstone to my growth.  Harnessing the knowledge and skills acquired in facing each piece of my psychological puzzle lead me the final conclusion that I was destined to help others.  My final puzzle piece of happiness would only be found in helping others.

I embrace all aspects of health in my work.   My journey has given me a fundamental direction, my skills and practices are honed to support you and any areas of struggle.

I would love to help you experience the freedom and happiness I now have in mind, body and soul.




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